Impact's technicians take pride in keeping informed about new developments in the industry. They also have creative skills enabling them to engineer innovative products. When you stumble on an enquiry that needs that little something extra, Impact will help. Impact will research and develop your concept and create the finished article. In recent times we have worked closely with the business forms and systems industry in providing combination products. We supply labels made from special coated laminates for collating into multi-part forms. Multi-ply constructions are available, with or without self-copying plies. These are ideal for over labelling forms or products where there is a peel-off label requirement.

is our automated system of applying labels onto a moving web. We can produce labels or single-part business forms and automatically tab on a number of multi-ply labels to specified target areas. Auto-Tab works in-line when producing the complete product ourselves, or off-line when we are adding labels to base products supplied by you. Auto-Tab also places double sided adhesive tape onto the web. Using this method we produce items such as pallet cards, with a strip of adhesive tape down the middle. These are printed and applied directly onto nylon
pallet straps.
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